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Feature Engineer/Analyst/SWIFT and ISO20022 à Brussel / Bruxelles

Feature Engineer/Analyst/SWIFT and... Permanent Contract,Full-time, Belgium,...     Your role & work...   In paragraph 1, provide a brief description of the general purpose of theposition: i.e. why does...

Description du poste

Feature Engineer/Analyst/SWIFT and ISO20022

Permanent Contract,Full-time, Belgium, Brussels

Your role & work environment

In paragraph 1, provide a brief description of the general purpose of theposition: i.e. why does the job exist and what is the job to accomplish (max. 2lines). In paragraph 2, give a short description of the team and department (max. 2lines). Write in the second person (you).


You will work as a Feature Engineer in theFinancial Messaging area, playing key role in the transformation of thebusiness requirements into detailed deliverables and managing the end-to-endexecution.


You will be part of the ING Wholesale PaymentTribe and the  E2E IRM-SWIFT teamcovering, among others, the feature engineering activities of the ING GlobalCompetence Centre for Financial Messaging (SWIFT).

Your key responsibilities

List the primary job responsibilities (max. 3) in orderof importance, specifying duties & tasks (max. 3) for each. Provideexamples of the expected behaviour. Make use of headings that differentiatebetween the different aspects/areas of responsibilities. Write clear, easy andto the point and use the imperative or the infinitive of the verb to describethe responsibilities (avoid business jargon and abbreviations).

Translatebusiness requirements into features and stories by using IT & Businessknowledge

  • Youare able to translate new financial messaging (SWIFT) product / services needsinto required IT solutions and are able to grasp business opportunities fromnew technology solutions. You think and act globally.

  • You clarify the definition of donetogether with the product owner(s).

  • Youassign the features (and underlying user stories) to the relevant teams andlead the accurate feature definition and estimation. You clarify the definitionof done together with the product owner(s).

  • Youhighlight correlation and dependencies between teams but also other parts ofthe organization (Center of Expertise or so).

     Ensure features delivery (Planning,coordination, dependencies management)

  • Froma strategic business & IT context you deliver more detailed implementationroadmaps. You can slice and refine these roadmaps until the level of concreteuser stories, you can prepare functional analysis/technical analysis documentsfor the DevOps teams. You manage the size and complexity of features to storiesin refinement and planning sessions.

  • Youare and feel responsible for the end-to-end integration and realization of thework (across teams. You owns the planning, oversee sprints, align / coordinatethe work across the whole chain and inspires individuals and teams creatinglasting synergy.

  • Youidentify and manage dependencies for features and epics across different teams.You identify, manage and closely interact with stakeholders for collaborationor to solve impediments

    Keep business and IT knowledge up to date, andkeep track of relevant trends and outlooks

  • Youhave extensive understanding of the financial messaging (SWIFT) domain andprocesses as well as the underlying architectural model, applied to realcustomer value.

  • Youdemonstrate deep understanding of IT concepts, SWIFT Standards and havesignificant knowledge of the IT landscape and (new) technologies for yourdomain (including SWIFT, AMH, SWIFT Translator, MT and MX messaging) and youhave experience in interfacing applications via MQ, TIBCO, XFB among othertechnologies.

  • Youhave significant knowledge of the IT technologies, such as mainframe, Oracle,AKKA, Kafka, Scala, reactive design. 

  • Youfollow the market and know what is going on both inside and outside ING. Fromyour understanding of the latest developments in the Business and Technology,you propose structural improvements aimed at moving your domain, chains, andapplications closer to target solutions to offer an industry-leading customerexperience.

    We look for

    The paragraph below is fixed for all ING vacancies,aligned with our global employee value proposition and Orange Code. Contentcannot be modified nor removed.

    A colleague witha talent for taking it on and making ithappen, enthusiasm for helping others to be successful and aknack for always being a step ahead.In other words, you strive to bring fresh ideas to life and embrace challengesin a fast changing and complex environment. You are a naturally collaborativeperson who listens and invests in others to achieve common goals. You love tochallenge the status quo and are eager to propose creative solutions toproblems.

    As a FeatureEngineer/ Analyst / Financial Messaging you will also need:

    State the minimum qualifications and competences requiredto successfully perform the job.

  • Master’sdegree

  • Multipleyears of experience in the financial messaging domain and demonstrates deepfunctional knowledge of this domain (end to end) and SWIFT Standards; knowinghow business processes utilize IT solutions

  • Proven5-10 years of experience in analyst activities in large multinational banks formulti-year implementations focusing on large scale message processing systems

  • Experience in implementation of largescale systems is required including end to end implementation management of newfeatures

  • Experiencein interfacing applications via MQ, TIBCO, XFB among other technologies

  • Knowledgeof IT technologies, such as mainframe, Oracle, AKKA, Kafka, Scala, reactivedesign

  • Certificationsand/or proven proficiency in managing complex IT changes and migrations

  • Proficiencyin English both verbal and written

  • Strongstakeholder management skills

  • Abilityto safeguard quality also under severe pressure in a constructive way andfocusing on accuracy

  • Abilityto challenge, influence or convince others through fact-based arguments

  • Goodcommunication skills (reach out to others, knowledge sharing, alignment andcoaching of the team)

  • Self-disciplined,proactive and organized, with ability to identify what needs to be done

  • Trackrecord of working in high performing Agile teams and good understanding ofAgile/DevOps practices

    We offer you  

    The paragraph below is fixed for all ING vacancies,aligned with our global employee value proposition and Orange Code. Contentcannot be modified nor removed.

    A clearpurpose, a unique offer and a range of flexible compensation and otherbenefits:

  • Personalgrowth & challenging work with endless opportunities to realise yourambitions

  • Aninformal, dynamic environment with innovative colleagues supporting your endeavours

  • Aprogressive and agile way of working, where new ideas are valued ahead ofconvention

Furthermore, withinthe [department name] department, you can count on a range of opportunities toinvest in your personal and professional growth with:

Fill in the opportunities specific within yourdepartment.

  • Possibilityto participate in courses and trainings

  • Significantrole in a new global implementation and roll-out based on the latesttechnologies

  • Contributingto challenging projects in an international environment

  • Beingimportant part of Financial Messaging Competence Centre

  • Havingglobal interaction with ING entities all over the world (Americas, Europe,Asia, Australia)


We redefine banking. What aboutyou?

There hasnever been a more interesting time to work at ING. We’re on a journey that’scentred around our customers, powered by technology and driven by smart,determined people. Our customers feel our people are empowering them to stay astep ahead in life and in business. We’re proud of that!


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