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Infrastructure Solution Architect à Brussel / Bruxelles

   Feature Engineer (Solutionist) ... Your role &... We are hiring a featureengineer with a focus on creation IT Infra architecture solutions. Key player in the cooperationbetween the IT and outside stakeholders,

Description du poste

 Feature Engineer (Solutionist)

Your role & workenvironment

We are hiring a featureengineer with a focus on creation IT Infra architecture solutions.

Key player in the cooperationbetween the IT and outside stakeholders, you have as Feature Engineer a driveto make complex changes happen within and across Tribes.

Your holistic view as well asyour knowledge of both Business and IT states are crucial in the translation ofbusiness epics into features, in a sequence that delivers customer value asearly as possible (strong Minimum Viable Product mindset). You even support thebreakdown of features into user stories to ensure that business epics are translatedinto working IT solutions. You define and align the roadmaps between squads –from same or different Tribes – and other parts of the organization andthoroughly manage dependencies.

Your success is not based onyour hierarchical position, but based on your strong communication andcollaboration skills, your results delivered, your extensive knowledge ofcurrent and future state and your added value for ING and for the teams youwork with.

Your key responsibilities

Translate businessrequirements into features and stories by using IT & Business knowledge

  • • You are able totranslate new product / services needs into required IT solutions and are ableto grasp business opportunities from new technology solutions. You think andact globally.

  • • Together withrelevant stakeholders (Architects, (Central) Product Owners), you breakdownepics into features with a strong MVP (Minimum Viable Product) mindset. Youassign the features (and underlying user stories) to the relevant squads andlead the accurate feature definition and estimation. You clarify the definitionof done together with the product owner(s). You create blueprints/solutions andsupport the squads in their delivery.

  • • You highlightcorrelation and dependencies between squads within a tribe or across tribes,but also other parts of the organization (Center of Expertise or so).


    Ensure features delivery (Planning, coordination, dependenciesmanagement)

  • • From astrategic business & IT context you deliver more detailed implementationroadmaps. You can slice and refine these roadmaps until the level of concreteuser stories. You manage the size and complexity of features to stories inrefinement and planning sessions.

  • • You are andfeel responsible for the end-to-end integration and realization of the work(across squads and/or Tribes). You owns the planning, oversee sprints, align /coordinate the work across the whole chain and inspires individuals and teamscreating lasting synergy.

  • • You identify(and manage) risks and potential issues and offer improvements across tribes.

  • • You identifyand manage dependencies for features and epics across different tribes. Youknow where to find the teams that help the total chain be successful.


    Make things happen byinstalling a close collaboration climate

  • • You arecomfortable with collaboration and reaching across Tribes and functionalborders and serve as liaison when needed. You easily connect and alignstakeholders within all levels of the ING organization, from CIO to IT engineerand from Business Tribe Lead to internal ING user, all with the ING customerjourney in mind.

  • • You are able topositively influence Business and IT strategies locally or at Group level.

  • • You identify,manage and closely interact with stakeholders within a tribe or acrossdifferent tribes for collaboration or to solve impediments.


    Keep business and ITknowledge up to date, and keep track of relevant trends and outlooks

  • • You have a goodto extensive understanding of the business domain and processes as well as theunderlying architectural model, applied to real customer value.

  • • You demonstrateunderstanding of IT concepts and have significant knowledge of the IT landscapeand (new) technologies for your domain. More specifically, you understand theprinciples of Continuous Delivery and are able to translate these in your work.

  • • You follow themarket and know what is going on both inside and outside ING. From yourunderstanding of the latest developments in the Business and Technology, youpropose structural improvements aimed at moving your domain, chains, andapplications closer to target solutions to offer an industry-leading customerexperience.

    We look for

    A colleague with a talent fortaking it on and making it happen, enthusiasm for helping others to besuccessful and a knack for always being a step ahead. In other words, youstrive to bring fresh ideas to life and embrace challenges in a fast changingand complex environment. You are a naturally collaborative person who listensand invests in others to achieve common goals. You love to challenge the statusquo and are eager to propose creative solutions to problems.

    As a Feature Engineer youwill also need:

    Skills and competences
  • • Passion for IT
  • • Strong teamplayer, empowering and challenging squad/chapter members to fostercollaboration and individual development

  • • Market focusand Outside-in thinker

  • • Problem solvingskills to find creative ways of driving progress and removing impediments

  • • Extremelyresults-oriented, always striving for maximal consumer value as early aspossible

  • • Continuousimprovement mindset

  • • Eager to learnand ability to coach others

  • • Very strongcommunication and presentation skills (telling – selling) across skill andseniority levels

  • • Strongco-creation skills like workshop facilitation, constructive feedback loops, andprototyping

  • • Strongstakeholder management skills

  • • Ability tochallenge, influence or convince others through fact-based arguments

  • •Self-disciplined, proactive and organized, with ability to identify what needsto be done


    Experience and specializedknowledge

  • • Track record ofworking in high performing Agile teams and good understanding of Agile/DevOpspractices and methodologies /Scrum, Scaling, Continuous Delivery, automated testing.

  • • Multiple yearsof experience in the business domain and demonstrates deep functional knowledgeof the business domain (end to end); knowing how business processes utilize ITsolutions

  • • Proven track recordin (ING's) IT environment (design & implementation), ING Architecture,Infrastructure, software (knowledge of the working); affinity with IT concepts(CDaaS, ATDD, engineering skills and technologies, applicative landscape...)

  • • Track record inreducing complexity and of delivering complex IT initiatives across multipleteams

  • • Demonstratesmastery in writing skills – understandable and easy to read feature

    Education and Professional certifications
  • • Bachelor's orMaster’s degree or equivalent by experience

  • • Good writtenand spoken knowledge of English • Certifications and/or proven proficiency inmanaging complex IT changes

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Brussel / Bruxelles
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