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Product Owner - Feature Engineer à Brussel / Bruxelles

Description du poste

As Tribe IT DevOps Platforms, we empower engineers to build and run IT by freeing them  to code for ING customers. As Engineers should only need to focus on their code, not struggle with their additional tooling, environment or risks, we offer solutions helping them  to deliver secure and reliable features continuously.

In our Tribe, we provide services and software used to enable resilience, reliability and availability for the engineers. We also offer runtime platforms enabling business workloads across multiple product tribes and we provide migration support, knowledge and hands-on support to all Dev/Ops teams in Tech ML that are migrating their applications to the public cloud.


Our Tribe is very international, with locations in The Netherlands and Belgium and people from different nationalities are part of our squads.


We are now looking for an enthusiastic Product Owner/Feature Engineer for our “Soyouz/Orion squad”. The purpose of this squad is to deliver enablers to  Engineers with a strong focus on two frameworks :

  • One for orchestration of micro services in order to digitalize the flows of the bank
  • One to allow the integration of the new IT landscape from the different channels to the old data layers of the bank through a caching mechanism.


Your key responsibilities as Product Owner:

  • You develop a product vision together with the Engineers and your squad members. You assess the feasibility of the proposed solutions. You evaluate the user experiences with the developed solutions and define proposals for improvement.
  • You prioritize the backlog by defining roadmaps in “Quarterly Business Reviews”, by aligning in “Marketplaces” with senior management and other product owners of the Tribes , and by consulting with other departments of ING Group.
  • You ensure the continuity of the business operations for your data and micro orchestration frameworks and the continuous improvement of these two for the change management part.
  • You secure the operational performance of the assets which are delivered and maintained by your squad. You define and prioritize the operational requirements and organize with your squad the operational tasks to be completed.  
  • You continuously take the initiative to improve the way of work and the collaboration within your squad. You frequently align with the Agile Coach, the Chapter Leads, the IT Area Lead and other Product Owners.

Your key responsibilities as Feature Engineer:

  • You ensure that epics are translated into working IT solutions. You play a key role in the breakdown of epics into features or stories that can be picked-up by the teams, in a sequence that delivers value as soon as possible.
  • You support the IT architects in the creation & review of the Design Decisions
  • You contribute to the creation of the roadmap for the upcoming quarters as well as to the actual realization of it. You create transparency in the forecasted roadmap of the IT-delivery.
  • You organize the interaction with the delivery teams in and outside your domain. You align stakeholders within all levels of the ING organization, from senior managers to engineers and from product owners to internal ING users.
  • You maintain your knowledge of the current and future state implementations and can define the steps towards the target landscape.


Your profile:

  • 4-6 years of experience leading agile projects as a product owner and/or product manager
  • Experience with building consumer quality products, enabling business capability and objectives through technology
  • Strong product instinct to build great product vision, product roadmap and competitive analysis
  • Knowledge and understanding of technical engineering best practices (e.g., test driven development, continuous integration, etc.)
  • Relentless prioritization and alignment with business and IT stakeholders to ensure highest value capture
  • Ability to work at an abstract level and continuously ‘pivot’ to arrive at the highest impact answer for the client
  • Ability to work under pressure, manage client expectations effective and not get overwhelmed by client pressures on team
  • Excellent analytical skills, and data driven approach to constantly analyze user feedback and analytics report
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to influence senior client business and IT executives on transforming towards agile
  • Experience in international collaboration (differences in cultures and context)
  • Ability to move between strategic discussions with senior client leaders to tackle on the ground agile coaching with teams
  • Skills to communicate complex ideas effectively in English
  • General Knowledge in technical domains :
    • Data engineering
    • Micro service architecture
    • Micro service orchestration
    • Java Knowledge
    • Linux knowledge
    • Distributed storage systems and caching mechanism
    • Application risk management
    • Exchange patterns in application for middleware (Integration patterns)
    • In-memory grid and in-memory computing
    • SRE
    • Micro services
    • Basic programming knowledge (can read code, write simple code)
    • Application risk management
    • CI/CD (Jenkins)
    • Cloud oriented solution

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Brussel / Bruxelles
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