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IT Area Lead Fraud and 1-1 Analytics (ING Belgium)


Becoming fully data driven is at the very core of ING’s Think Forward strategy to empower people to stay ahead in life and in business.


Over the past years, ING Belgium has significantly contributed to the unification of the technical landscape and its adoption by internal and external customers in Belgium and The Netherlands. This journey has placed the IT area of Fraud & Analytics in Belgium in a mature state, with a balance between consuming and offering services, with the clear responsibility to safeguard the reliability, evolution and user satisfaction of these services. In this international setting, an intense collaboration with other entities of the Group and a common view on the strategy is key for success balancing between local and global aspects.


The IT Area Fraud and 1-1 Analytics consist of 5 chapters (~ 65 employees), serving the tribes Digital Sales & Customer Interactions and Fraud & Cyber Security, The Area supports 27 production applications.


Main short to mid-term challenges include:

  • Adapt the modus operandi to the new organizational set up with Tech no longer being cross-border and tribe Fraud and Cyber Security being split into Belgium and the Netherlands and Digital Sales and Customer Interactions still being cross-border, in particular for the shared / global components where we rely on / contribute to.
  • Improve the reliability of our services as this increasingly important in a digital age.
  • Make sure that the area contributes for ING to be a Safe and Compliant Bank, i.e. you remain within the IT Risk appetite by no pending IT Risk actionable and also deliver the most important prospect of regulatory requirements for all the responsible Tribes.
  • Move away from Belgian, non-target applications and infrastructure in due time and controlled manner.
  • Contribute to building / implementing a comprehensive and compelling strategy together with both tribes to further extend our offering towards our customers, leveraging and potentially offering global capabilities.
  • Further develop the craftmanship of the people within the IT Area.
  • Keep costs under control in line with set Dynamic Plan by means of sourcing differently.
  • Continue to deliver on promises ensuring the clients remain satisfied and enabled in their daily life.




The IT Area Lead Fraud and 1-1 Analytics is responsible for Tech function and Tech expertise in his / her area and is the main interaction point for the tribes served.  


Specifically, the IT Area Lead is responsible for:


  1. Creating and ensuring the 'new' culture and one Agile way of working


IT Area Lead is responsible for effective collaboration and for one Agile Way of Working in his/her area and as part of the tribes. In this capacity, the IT Area Lead:

  • Ensures proper implementation of One Agile Way of Working across his/her respective IT Area
  • Acts as an ambassador for culture change and serves as a role model in terms of the new way of working: from 'an organisation talking' to 'an organisation doing'
  • Stimulates interaction between and alignment across people, tribes, squads, areas and chapters and across borders
  • Drives cross-cultural collaboration by creating awareness and understanding, leveraging diversity
  • Creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels appreciated and heard, and where everyone enjoys their work


  1. Developing craftsmanship of everyone working in his/her IT area


IT Area Lead has management responsibility for several Chapter Leads. S/he will also be responsible for ensuring overall IT maturity and for developing craftsmanship of the employees working in his/her respective IT Area. In this capacity, the IT Area lead

  • Encourages Chapter Leads to continuously develop their capabilities and competencies to remain up-to-market in their field at all times
  • Oversees overall IT maturity in chapters and drives continuous craftsmanship development in his/her IT Area
    • Provides high-level strategic guidance to the Chapter Leads on development of engineers in his/her IT Area
    • Improves the engineering maturity in his/her domain and tests it against the expectations of the IT organisation (e.g. horizontally scalable architecture, end-to-end Agile working, an organisation of sufficiently competent engineers)
    • Ensures consistency in craftsmanship development across the entire organisation and maintaining a well-balanced (engineering) workforce


  1. Designing and executing the IT strategy


With regards to strategy, IT Area Lead is responsible for

  • Defining and implementing the IT strategy with proper IT Landscape for their IT Area in line with the bank’s IT strategy in order to realize the purposes of the Tribes
  • Identifying and adopting applicable changes in the market with regards to innovation, time to market, procedures, processes and methods used by the IT function for his / her IT Area
  • Ensuring a safe and compliant bank from an IT perspective (IT custodianship)
    • Guarantee that all assets in scope comply with the risk management model
    • Ensure overdue and/or Risk items are within accepted targets
  • Having delivery responsibility and responsibility for IT-related decisions within his/her IT Area:
    • Deliver IT part of both run and change aspects within the tribes
    • Ensure stability and reliability of the IT Landscape (including the IT architecture of his/her IT domain)
    • Ensure proper IT resource allocation as defined in the Quarterly Business Review
  • Defining and implementing vendor and sourcing strategy
    • fit for purpose sourcing of IT goods (procurement) and services (contracting/consulting) to accommodate business demands and/or expansion.
    • compliancy of the different IT vendors to ING policies and standards (GDPR, etc….)




We look for

A colleague with a talent for taking it on and making it happen, enthusiasm for helping others to be successful and a knack for always being a step ahead. In other words, you strive to bring fresh ideas to life and embrace challenges in a fast changing and complex environment. You are a naturally collaborative person who listens and invests in others to achieve common goals. You love to challenge the status quo and are eager to propose creative solutions to problems.

As IT Area Lead you will also need:

  • IT education background and a Master’s degree
  • Solid engineering background
  • Knowledge of the Belgian IT landscape, both target and non-target part (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Knowledge of market trends in IT processes, solutions & coding languages
  • Experience in developing and implementing IT policies
  • Experience in an Agile organisation
  • Experience in functional management (output management)
  • Experience with strategic assignments and major changes
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent level of English
  • Being inspiring and exude energy and passion
  • Having the ability to display style flexibility to teams and adapt plan, approach and behaviour to the different needs and situations
  • Having keen IT market focus: passion for major trends in the way of working including, for example, Lean IT, continuous delivery, cloud processes, etc.
  • Having excellent problem-solving skills and passion for and the ability to redesigning processes that would otherwise pose an impediment to the organisation; have the ability to structure issues and make major problems surmountable
  • Having a strong organisational sensitivity and the ability to understand and take into account the underlying issues, opportunities and dynamics of the cross-border organisation
  • Being focused on collaboration: have the ability to set aside own 'ego' in the interests of achieving the best results; helping others to be successful
  • Being able to achieve optimum results by empowering teams and giving them responsibility, while 'provoking' them, challenging them and keeping them 'on the ball'
  • Basing management on facts and data (both in day-to-day management and in determining strategic direction)
  • Encouraging people to realise their potential
  • Having a continuous improvement mind-set

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