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Functional/Business Analyst à Brussel

Fluxys is boosting its digital transformation and one of our initiatives involves setting up a Digital Lounge. Taking an innovative approach, the Digital Lounge will bring digital products to market in the form of minimum viable products. Examples include using artificial intelligence to improve our operations, developing an app to enhance the interface with our customers and deploying virtual reality to train our teams. To this end, the Digital Lounge will bring together people from different backgrounds who we will guide and support via agile and design thinking methodologies. These colleagues will then promote the successful products outside the Digital Lounge. Originele vacature is te vinden op – Vind gelijkaardige jobs, i

Description du poste

  • You will be part of a team that quickly brings minimum viable products to market or to our organisation. Together with the product owner, you will be responsible for focusing on the problem and developing a relevant solution for which the team is responsible from start to finish
  • You will be responsible for analysing, testing and monitoring rollouts of digital solutions developed in the Digital Lounge. These solutions will focus on customer interactions, internal operations and services related to the energy transition. To this end, you will work closely with the product owner from the business. Agile and design thinking methodologies will be used to quickly pivot from an initial concept to a minimum viable product
  • You will analyse use cases in detail and convert them into (technical) inputs for the members of the development team
  • You will take into account the architectural and infrastructure concepts of Fluxys. To this end, you will be supported by architects
  • When developing minimum viable products, you take into account a balance between testing new technologies and solutions and the needs for a later scale up in terms of integration with existing systems
  • You will work in close collaboration with the developers
  • After deploying minimum viable products, you will track their start-up and ensure that any problems are resolved
  • Together with the product owner, you will be responsible for testing, finding solutions, providing training and rolling the product out to users

To succeed in this role, you will need:

  • A master's degree in a technical, scientific or economic discipline
  • A broad knowledge of and interest in ICT
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent people skills and the adaptability to work in ever-changing project groups
  • Extensive analytical skills and a methodical and meticulous approach
  • Good knowledge of Dutch, French and English

Informations supplémentaires

Formation requise
Grade de Master
Heures de travail par semaine
8 - 40
Type de Contrat
Temps plein/ CDD
Permis de conduire BE/EU exigé
Voiture exigée
Lettre de motivation exigée

Management | Temps plein/ CDD | Grade de Master