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User Experience Expert à Bruxelles

... Depends on a Chapter Lead User Experience who reports to a Chapter Area...... A User Experience (UX) Designer has end-to-end responsibility for UX analysis and UX design for (digital) processes,...

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    Depends on a Chapter Lead User Experience who reports to a Chapter Area Lead
  2. AIM
    A User Experience (UX) Designer has end-to-end responsibility for UX analysis and UX design for (digital) processes, interfaces, and customer communications from a customer/user perspective, while also helping improve (digital) processes. The purpose of these UX activities is to increase customer satisfaction, user-friendliness and accessibility of ING’s (digital) services in order to create an optimum, authentic and consistent Omnichannel user experience. A User Experience (UX) Designer works based on quantitative and qualitative data and draws on validated customer insights.
    Acts as a trusted advisor of the senior management (even at group level)
  • User Experience
  • creates design languages which create a delightful, emotionally engaging, innovative, easy to use and easy to learn user experience.
  • elicits and understands business needs (including ING branding guidelines) and user needs for the design of design languages.
  • generates clear ideas, design concepts and final designs of creative assets from beginning to end, considering technology constraints and workflow constraints.
  • improves client satisfaction, user-experience and accessibility of digital sales and services (conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 WCAG).
  • visually translates brand and marketing strategy into digital media, displays, corporate identity, campaign concepts and communication tools.
  • Working in Agile teams
  • contributes, based on his/her design expertise and experience to all sprint events (planning, refinements, retrospectives, demos)
  • acts as a coordinator
  • contributes actively to all events of the sprints by asking, answering and challenging
  • enhances the way of working structurally
  • decides on strategic priorities
  • Discover and Define
  • explores market trends and market evolutions in his domain
  • looks into all sorts of possibilities and explore different options for concept and design
  • after thorough exploration, which might include discussion groups with customers or users (i.e. voice of the customer), the designer defines the high level user requirements and an exploratory version or prototype of the design
  • has an experienced, seasoned and holistic view
  • discovers, understands and defines strategic solutions
  • Has a forward looking horizon of more than 2 years
  • preaches the experience and innovative approaches on the UX domain inside and outside the organisation
  • leads colleagues
  • Create and design
  • creates first and final version(s) of the design to be
  • in collaboration with the Customer Journey Expert combines and weighs user requirements with (high level) functional, product and commercial requirements
  • the design and prototype is further detailed and adapted through iterations while the designer acquires and incorporates detailed insights from user tests and usage data
  • acts and decides on based on extensive experience and knowledge
  • works on multiple complex user stories and customer journeys
  • initiates and develops new design methods
  • oversees and challenges the creation of UX designs and concepts that make a noticeable difference in the experience of the customer
  • has a decisive impact on the business and customer experience in and outside of the organisation
  • Alignment and stakeholder management
  • gathers feedback on every version of the design and sets up alignment with the different internal and external stakeholders (both business and IT)
  • builds, manages and utilises strategic networks of internal and external stakeholders in anticipation of ING’s current and future interests
  • is the go-to person for colleagues looking for support with identifying and using stakeholders.
  • Voice of the customer
  • validates the design by discussion groups with end users/clients, AB testing by groups of customers of different versions of the design, the prototype or the first version of the product
  • applies and develops advanced customer voicing techniques and results
  • improves current standards and evangelizes these to the ING community and beyond
  • is an external speaker and contributes to industry knowledge
  • trains and coaches colleagues
  • Acts as trusted advisor for the senior management (even at group level)

    1. Responsibility
      1. Influence
        Is responsible for:
  • A clear and actionable purpose. Continuous improvement of team performance.
  • Broader staff employability. Joint team responsibility for results.
  • Discovery and mapping of painpoints and moments of truth in current customer journey.
  • Co-creation of a service blueprint and/or (high level) customer journey map.
  • Creating and mapping ecosystem and personas.
  • Optimise and test the problem-solution fit.
  • Definition of the high level user requirements and an exploratory version of the design.
  • A validated detailed design:
    1. Structure and information architecture
    2. Interaction
    3. Visual
    4. Accessible and usable
    5. Tested
  • Design of the product takes into account all points of view and angles, from customer, customer journey perspective through product and process angle.
  • Alignment amongst internal stakeholders through shared priorities and backlog.
  • A broad and insight on the voice of the customer in different stages of the creation and evolution of the design
  • Trusted advisor for the senior management (even at group level)
  • Long term coaching of less experienced colleagues
      1. Consequences
  • impact on internal and external client satisfaction
  • impact on quality of UX-tools
  • financial impact on development
  • not attending project deliverables
    Consequences are visible at the long term
    1. Knowledge and complexity
  • Master level or equivalent by experience
  • Experience of  10 years as UX designer
  • Mastery in the fundamentals of multiple job roles within UX, i.e. Service Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design or Usability Design
  • Thorough and broad knowledge of UX design
  • Thorough and broad knowledge of design tools, technologies and processes
  • Thorough and broad knowledge of wireframing,  prototyping software tools (Axure, Invision, …) and design software (Sketch, Photoshop, …)
  • Knowledge of people management
  • Very strong analytical skills
  • Thorough and broad knowledge of banking processes
  • Knowledge of Dutch or French, and English
    1. Problem solving
      1. Problem solving
  • Being able to come up with and design original and suitable solutions to questions or problems that are related to the job
  • Being able to think in strategic terms and being able to influence senior management (even at group level)
  • Being able to make connections between current events and the corporate strategy or the long term vision
  • Is able to generate multiple solution options and concepts for each problem
  • Being able to find fresh ideas or solutions in very complex situations
  • Being able to search, develop, organize and evaluate new tooling and ways of working
  • Being able to attack a problem from different angles and quickly switch between conceptual detail levels
  • Is capable of critical self-reflection with respect to their own/other solutions
  • Uses existing elements, but will, whenever needed, come up with new elements or working methods to replace or complement existing ones.
  • Being able to meet and over exceed user needs and expectations
  • Being able to investigate and discover and validate user requirements and insights and anticipate and design based on this
  • Being able to fulfill a connecting role between the Customer Journey and development
  • Being able to recognize key information, problem identification, research, various methods of analysis, identification of connections and anticipation are key to this job
  • Works on the basis of data, makes very complex analysis
  • Being able to combine and build ideas of others
  • Being able to maintain the focus on the “why” at the customer’s end
  • Is able to pinpoint a problem and to describe it as a starting point for improvements
  • Being able to detect and identify
  • To share your knowledge actively and support the development of others
  • Being a team player and have a valuable contribution to the collective goals both regarding the concrete deliverables and the teamwork on itself.
      1. Autonomy

  • Works autonomously on delivering on results described in his very complex assignments
  • Is bound by ING’s UX Design principles, guidelines, patterns and components
  • Takes proactively all initiatives to be successful and shows a “do it, try it, fix it” mentality
  • Appeals to the responsible to discuss strategic decisions with large impact
    1. Communication
      1. Internal contacts

  • Daily contact with customer journey expert over customer journeys
  • Daily contact with developers over (complex) design solutions and components
  • Daily contact with product owners to talk about assignment and backlogs
  • Ad hoc contact with Data analyst to ask for figures
  • Ad hoc contact with UX of other countries in the ING group to learn from each other
  • Ad hoc contact with front desk employee to check processes
  • Ad hoc contact with senior management (even at group level) to present solutions, to influence, advise and negotiate
      1. External contacts

  • Regular contact with external experts and key stakeholders

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